Georama Discovery Tour

Nestling at the bottom of the valley dominated by a rocky ridge, surrounded by vineyards, woodland and pastures, our village of Culles-les-Roches is situated on a fault line. This allows you to see the interesting geological particularities of our region. The very diverse rock formations clearly leave their mark on the hills, the vegetation, the way the land is cultivated or exploited and the style of  local architecture.

We invite you to discover the secrets of ‘terroir’ and to marvel at the beauties of Nature.  Not just the ground beneath your feet but also the aspect of the land, the topography, the exposure to the sun, the microclimate, composition of the soil, bed-rock and drainage. The ‘terroir’ has a vital impact on the quality and variety of wines grown on a particular vineyard.

Georama will enable you to visualise the landscape with a greater depth of understanding. The road of discovery begins here.

There are seven Information Panels along the path which explain and illustrate the geographical particularities that you are looking at. They will enable you to acquire a basic understanding, and greater appreciation of the Côte Chalonnaise. Follow the direction of the arrows on the itinerary over the 6km.  You may also access the Panels by car or bicycle.

We wish you an enjoyable visit.

We recommend that you read the following before you set-off

Walking tour: The circuit is approximately 6km in distance. At an average walking pace you should allow 2h30m to complete. Make sure you have sufficient water, snacks, etc. Also consider suitable protective clothing depending on the weather. Sun cream and insect repellent may also be needed.  There is a short-cut which will avoid the Information Panels 3 and 4 and will reduce the distance to 3km. You can access those two Panels by car or some other time.

Visit by car or bike: If you don't have enough time or are unable to visit on foot, there is a parking space for one car near each Information Panel. Please use tarmac roads only.  For vehicles transporting people of reduced mobility you may access the IPs via agricultural tracks but this is only at your discretion and responsibility. 

Please take every precaution during your walk, especially if there are children under your responsibility. Be prepared for local traffic on the roads.

Do not wander off the designated itinerary in respect for the environment, and leave no evidence of your passage. Toilets are available near the Church (IP 5).